When we start out running our own businesses, it is all spreadsheets, Word documents and notebooks. We know that larger companies have whizz bang systems that automate everything and make it look shiny, but we also know that these things cost money, and we’re not of a size to justify that.

So when we start to feel overwhelmed with our admin and lost inside our 15 tab spreadsheet, we are not really sure what to do.

Worry not! There are some fantastic systems out there that can make your life so much easier – and they all come for free.

My favourite free systems and what they are for:

Trello – for managing your task list and your projects
Asana – for managing your task list and your projects in a different way
Which of the above is best for you depends on your needs and your working style – this video can help you to decide.

Mailerlite – for sending personalised, branded emails to lots of people at once
MailChimp – for sending personalised, branded emails to lots of people at once
Personally I prefer Mailerlite because it is more intuitive and you get more functionality in the free version than you do in the free version of MailChimp.

FreeAgent – for tracking your time, invoicing clients and managing your accounts
FreeAgent is not free unless you open a bank account with Mettle (which is free to do). You can then get FreeAgent for free, and the bonus is that you now have a spare bank account where you can keep your holiday savings, your tax money or whatever!

Eventbrite – for setting up events, marketing them, tracking attendees and selling tickets

Calendly – for making it easy for clients to schedule in a meeting or call with you
The free version only allows for one appointment type, so if you don’t want to pay just pick the appointment type you schedule the most (a discovery call, a coaching session, a 1-2-1 catch up…) and hey presto, everyone who needs to book that with you can do so without the tortuous email tennis of finding a time that suits you both.

Buffer – for scheduling your social media posts
Hootsuite – for scheduling your social media posts
Personally I prefer Hootsuite, I just find it easier to navigate.

Google or Microsoft forms
If you have a Gmail or Outlook account, you already have access to a free system for creating forms that can be sent out and completed digitally. Gathering client feedback, simple job application forms, pulling together information from a group – these tools are straightforward to use and to personalise.

What free systems have you found that you love and that make your life easier?

If you would like some help choosing a system, setting it up and making it work with your existing set up, we are available to help. Give us a call and let’s make your day a little clearer.

Helen Calvert
Coach and Director of Clear Day
March 2021