Step away from the overwhelm and start living the life you want for yourself. Guilt-free.

It’s time to change the stories you’re telling yourself. There’s a life of light and joy and freedom and passion and adventure to be lived once you understand you’re in control and can choose a new story.

I may work with people running their own businesses but I’m not a business coach. I’m a life coach. Because let’s face it, it’s impossible to separate out work from the rest of your life. Together, we’ll look at everything that shapes that story you’re telling about yourself.

If you’re thinking about taking your business in a new direction or looking to grow it and want confidence, a road map, cheerleading and accountability, I’m your woman. I’ll back you up, check in with you, hold your plan in my head and remind you of it to keep you on track.  

Helen’s coaching is brilliant! After being on the verge of burnout last year, Helen helped me redefine my business and personal goals, set some boundaries, and put practical actions in place to achieve them. She is an excellent and highly empathic listener – our sessions went far beyond ‘business stuff’ but Helen didn’t bat an eyelid and was unfailingly kind and supportive. Having never had a coach before, I am now a convert. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Kathryn Rodgers


The No Bullsh*t Guide To A Happier Life


Join me for a new episode every fortnight where I share quick (but not necessarily easy) tips on how to squeeze every last drop of enjoyment from your business and your life.


Based on my podcast, in The No Bullsh*t Guide to a Happier Life I give you an honest and insightful look at how you can smash through the mindset blocks that are holding you back from living your best life.

It’s like having a favourite aunty/therapist/cheerleader in the room. I trust Helen’s wisdom and clarity of vision implicitly.

Melanie Cotton

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Why me?

I’m a qualified life coach who also runs an agency of virtual assistants. I’ve been running my own business since 2018, and I’ve been a parent since 2011. Further back, I’ve been a female human since 1980. All of those things have taught me a hell of a lot. I’ve also been on my own journey of counselling, therapy and coaching which, in part, led me to become a coach myself.

My other reason for training as a coach was that, as a virtual assistant, I was working with many business owners who didn’t have anyone to talk to about their fears and aspirations. I enjoyed being that person for them and wanted to learn how to do it really effectively.

I live my life as I want to, with intention and joy, and to hell with other people’s expectations. That’s what I want for you too.

Helen is a phenomenal coach and has helped me make huge strides both personally and professionally in my business.

She has an unmatched ability at being able to see the big picture, and then zoom in on the little things that really matter, that if solved will make a big difference. Everything she does considers you as a whole, and your happiness and wellbeing is at the centre of everything she does. She is endlessly supportive, comes up with superb creative ideas of how to make progress and always goes above and beyond.

The progress I have made whilst working with Helen towards feeling calmer, happier and clearer about work and life is astonishing, and I’m hugely grateful for everything she has done.

Jennifer Cooper

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