Clarity Cards – personalised


A set of 10 personalised downloadable flashcards to use as calming reminders when you are feeling overwhelmed. Choose your own words, images & colours.



When we are feeling overwhelmed it can be difficult to calm ourselves and remember what is true and real. I have found it incredibly useful to have a set of flash cards that I keep on my phone, with mantras that are meaningful to me. I can look at these cards any time I am feeling panicked or not in control, and they ground me and soothe my tension.

So I have created a template for downloadable cards, that you can personalise with 10 mantras and images to remind you of what is real and to help to ground you when the overwhelm is encroaching. You can save these to your phone or computer, or print them out and put them on your wall – whatever is helpful to you.

If you choose this product option you will need to provide me with up to 10 mantras and up to 10 images to go with them, all of your own choosing. You can also choose which background colour you would like for your set of cards. Simply purchase the product, and email me with your word and image choices (full instructions provided upon purchase).

If you would prefer to provide your own words but for me to choose the images and colours you can select that product option for £15 – “Clarity Cards – your words, my images”.

Or, if you would like a ready-made set for just £5 you can choose my pre-written set in soothing blue or uplifting yellow. Each set has the same 10 mantras but with slightly different images.

Keep these cards handy wherever you are, and give yourself the gift of a clear day. Helen.x