The Clear Day business support team is featuring in Week 4 of The Organised Entrepreneur’s Club Summer Showcase, and as part of that event we have been asked to share a little bit about us as individuals – because people buy people! As we have 12 virtual assistants on the team plus our Business Manager and in-house copywriter, we thought the easiest way to help you all to get to know us would be in a blog post.

So who are we outside of work and what is it that makes us tick?

Business Manager and Social Media Lead Sam MacMahon

“I lived in Paris for 4 years from 2010 to 2014 and in Milan for 3 years from 2014 to 2017. My language abilities are far worse than they should be! I love knitting, TV, music concerts and have far too many house-plants.”

Clear Day VA Victoria Barker

“I love to sing and used to be in a covers band. I also played keyboards and sang backing vocals in a Robbie Williams tribute band.”

Clear Day VA Angie Candler

“I was born in the UK but grew up travelling the globe as a citizen of the world. I’m now based in western Cape on the whale coast of South Africa. As well as working as a VA, I am trained as a mindfulness master practitioner.”

Clear Day VA Lucy Clark

“I live in Trafford, Greater Manchester and have a young family. I enjoy family days out, catching up with friends, and regular gym classes.”

Clear Day VA Marie Clarke

“I’m an avid reader, writer and absolutely love crime shows – real or fictional.
I love the fantasy genre – Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter.
I’ve had my own written work published in magazines and online.
I am terrified of clowns – they aren’t natural!”

Clear Day VA Sonya Cook

“I am fluent in French and Spanish!”

Clear Day VA Jo Egerton

“I’m a parent-governor at my daughter’s primary school – I’m passionate about my community! Peace for me is walking my dog Bramble, enjoying coffee with friends and visiting my family in Ireland.”

Clear Day VA Emmeline Greenall

“I grew up in Cote d’Ivoire and the Middle East – I speak French fluently. In a previous life I was a primary school teacher.”

Clear Day VA Elaina Horsfall

“I have a soft spot for cows and cats. Over the years I’ve rescued several cats/kittens and even fostered once for a very short while. Whilst caring for fluffy bums is amazing, I’m an absolute rubbish fosterer – I want to keep them all!

I am a creative sort – I used to have my bespoke creations for sale in a boutique shop (some moons ago). In my 20s I swam with sharks, dived in the deep blue sea, enjoyed jet skiing and also paragliding. I also once did a bungee jump from a crane!”

Clear Day VA Linda Paris

“I am an ardent explorer and have enjoyed a life of global travel. In a previous life I’ve been a yoga teacher and natural health practitioner and once played a nurse as a film extra. It also turns out I’m not bad with a bow and arrow. Solitude in nature is my happy place.”

Clear Day VA Emma Price

“I live in Lowton with my husband, two boys and my fur baby. When I was younger I used to have two horses and compete locally. I only gave this up when I was 26 and pregnant with my first son. I still have my riding hat just in case I ever get the opportunity to get back in the saddle… my time will come.”

Clear Day VA Charlotte Venton

“I enjoy regular jogs, spin classes, spending time with my family and the man of my dreams, and eating out. I grew up in the real Happy Valley, but sadly didn’t go to school with James Norton!! BC (before children) I always wanted to be a weather girl but fell into sales and marketing after coming back from a long summer of interrailing. My favourite tipple is a fresh passion fruit martini – preferable outside and in the sunshine.”

Clear Day VA Emma Wood

“I grew up in North Manchester, went to visit family in New Zealand in 2001 and ended up staying there until 2007! I now live in Sale, south Manchester with my other half, little girl and crazy puppy. I volunteer at my daughter’s school, and enjoy a coffee & catch up, crafting and travelling.”

Content Services Laura Jenkins

“I’m an avid reader of crime thrillers, and currently authoring my own two-part novel. In my spare time, you’re most likely to find me singing, barefoot at the ocean, ecstatic dancing, bouldering, or indulging in a posh coffee at an independent shop.”

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The Clear Day team
August 2023