Introducing Emmeline Greenall who is one of our team of fabulous virtual assistants.

Emmeline grew up in Cote d’Ivoire and the Middle East – she speaks French fluently. Now based in East Sussex, Emmeline has come back to work after a family break, via starting a PhD about how autistic teenage girls use online social media and games. 

Prior to having her daughters, Emmeline was a primary school teacher in Southeast London. She also has a background in advertising account management, and has worked with household brands including Mini, BMW, 3 mobile and Always from Procter & Gamble.

In her downtime Emmeline loves walking her dog in Ashdown Forest.

How did you come to be a part of the Clear Day team Emmeline?

It was after the first year of COVID and the first year of my being a single mum – my life and circumstances had changed quite dramatically. My good friend Lucy put me in touch with Helen, we chatted and and then we got going!

I absolutely love the fact I’ve got that support from the Clear Day team behind me, and can point potential clients and friends to Clear Day if the support they need is not in my remit. To have that kind of network, a diaspora of mainly working mums, and being able to work part-time and flexibly with working women who get it – there is a lot of support and solidarity within that.

How do you uphold the Clear Day values of calm, clarity, confidence, focus and progress?

My home life is a bit chaotically out of my control because of my children’s various needs, so I really enjoy having a role outside of that where I can be calm and confident and focus on the job at hand. I’ve always been really keen to learn about the latest things going on and make progress that way. I’m really interested in what a lot of my clients are doing with their work and I am learning about different industries and businesses, making progress for me and making progress for my clients.

I often make suggestions to my clients about things which might help them to move forward. Or put them in contact with useful people or introduce them to a useful platform and so on. I have confidence, I know I’m good at the work that I’m doing, and that my skillset is recognised within the team.

I also absolutely love doing the creative and visual stuff – I just like to be the person that makes things look nice, who crosses the Ts and dots the Is and puts the bow on it. So I love doing things like Canva templates, but I do also get a lot of satisfaction out of just having a nice organised spreadsheet. And from making things clear and concise and accurate.

Describe your ideal client:

I really enjoy working with driven, passionate, female business owners who have left the mainstream and are going for it on their own. There are women that I really admire and look up to who have a good balance of work and life, and a good understanding of the sort of limitations we have as working mums. I have found a lot of solidarity and sisterhood in those clients. At this time in my life, having those women around me to work with and work for has been really supportive and strengthening for me.

So yes it’s working mums following their passion, taking the risk and going for it – women who know their strengths and weaknesses. Women who recognise that they need help with organisation.

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Clear Day
July 2023