“I am passionate about popping that cork of belief and watching humans feel themselves with full clarity and expressing that.

Today I am having a coffee with Abi Adams of Project Woman, who has kindly agreed to answer my questions about her no BS happier life…

Q. How long have you been self-employed, and how do you make the most of the freedom that self-employment brings?

A. Since 2011. My health comes before business and I incorporate movement and health whenever I need it, which was the biggest drive to becoming self employed. I also get to spend time with my family when I choose which makes my heart sing.

Q. What are you passionate about – in business and in life?

A. In business I am passionate about popping that cork of belief and watching humans feel themselves with full clarity and expressing that. In life? Feeling and receiving as much joy as I possibly can! I love immersing myself in nature, surfing, camping, climbing and doing it all with my family.

Q. What brings you joy?

A. Taking all of my clothes off and allowing nature to take me full force into her vibration. Sharing nature with other great humans, whether that’s walking through forests, paddle boarding through a calm sea or talking under the stars; being with a collective that offers great conversation, the opportunity to get curious and laughing my arse off is what makes me zing.

Q: How do you nurture yourself when you do something that is outside of your comfort zone?

A. I use movement to nourish, soothe and strengthen my body. Having studied movement and female physiology, I use various disciplines in tune with my femme health, such as yoga, martial arts, movement therapy, strength training and mobility, to mitigate and release tension that allows me to feel and see with clarity and greater intention. It also enables me to NOT act like an emotional rollercoaster and put shit into perspective.

Q. How do you show yourself excessive kindness?

A. Having a rest! Laying in bed, relaxing, NOT doing something has been a work in progress for my highly tuned nervous system. Having been a doer most of my life, I understand that some of my doing has actually pushed me further away from where I wanted to be. Another act of kindness is allowing myself to receive the nourishment from food. I saw a lot of abuse around food growing up which saw me have a hard perspective towards how I eat. I now allow myself to enjoy, digest and receive the nourishment I’m looking for.

Q. What is one thing about being a business owner that you have learned is BS?

A. You don’t have to do it alone, even though the business is yours. The more you work with others, the greater your business (and health) becomes.

Q. What will be your next adventure?

A. In business, we’re in an exciting time with Project Woman as we build the community, for humans that are looking to feel greater about their health and for the fabulous health practitioners looking to expand their message, as well as taking it on tour as we create experiences for women to tune into greater health and community. And now we’re launching the Project Woman TV! My next personal adventure? Taking our campervan on that road to adventure and spending quality time with my family.

Q. An important part of owning our own story is being able to state who we are without explanation. Tell us something about yourself / your preferences / your needs without any background or context:

A. I can’t tell you how much I love life. There are no words for me, just movement. Give me a bright sky, a great tune and that love just shazams through my body and sets me on fire.

Q. Who are you looking to work with, and how can people get in touch?

A. I’m looking to work with dynamic women that want a deeper, curious, no bullshit feminine experience toward living a life that respects their emotional, hormonal, and physical health. Women, females, and humans with a uterus who aren’t afraid to pull on their hiking boots and travel the unchartered, knowing that investing in their health is paramount to living their greatest life. I’d love for you to contact me on abi@abiadams.co.uk or book a chat here.

My thanks to Abi for allowing me to share her insights! Look out for more interviews with members of my wonderful business network coming soon.

Helen Calvert
The No Bullsh*t Coach
May 2023