Ongoing support with admin, social media and managing your business 

Your time and headspace are valuable resources. Don’t waste them on tasks that we could be handling for you… We bring calm, clarity and confidence as we get things done – leaving you to focus on making progress with your business. 

For example, how much clearer would your day look if you could hand these tasks over to someone else?

  • Managing your inbox
  • Creating and managing your mailing lists
  • Sorting your diary / scheduling appointments
  • Managing events
  • Researching information
  • Social media post creation and scheduling

Now’s your chance!

Often when you’re an all singing all dancing sole trader it becomes very hard to delegate or to identify weak spots in your work. Helen and I were able to collaboratively carve out the support role she would take and timeframes to suit us both. Far more flexible than seeking similar support from a one-size-fits-all organisation.

Michelle Parkin-Kelly

Beansprout Baby UK

Why you should let us help you

As a business owner ­– especially if you’re a female business owner – the temptation to try and do everything yourself can be powerful. But your time and headspace are too valuable to waste on the everyday tasks that are keeping you away from what you really care about, the reason you set up your business in the first place.

If you don’t have the skills or just don’t have the time right now, call on the Clear Day team for day-to-day support and get back to focusing on what matters most.

We’ll start with a call to find out more about your needs and you’ll then be connected with the team member whose expertise best matches what you’re looking for. No matter how chaotic things might feel, we’re here to stand beside you and bring calm and clarity to your business. We’ll take everything you’re struggling with off your plate and just get it done.

How it works

We offer flexible support solutions tailored entirely to your needs. We know that things change, and no two months are guaranteed to be the same. That’s why we tend to agree on a maximum number of hours per month, to make sure we can respond to your needs even if they fluctuate. We will match you to the member of our team who not only has the skills you need but who also best fits with your business and your personality. Giving you personalised, rather than generic, support is an important part of the Clear Day service.

Your first step is to fill in a form giving us more information about what you’re looking for so we can make sure we’re the best fit for you.

As an accountant, January is always my busiest month. Late last year I decided to ask Clear Day to look after my social media, just for a month so that it was one less thing for me to think about. This was a big decision for me. I love social media and worried that outsourcing would make it all less authentic.

I spoke to Clear Day, and they assigned the job to one of the team. I have been so impressed from start to finish. The Clear Day way is slick and professional. Sam replicated my friendly and approachable tone perfectly. I’d be surprised if any of my clients or followers even noticed a difference! Just a perfect service.

Caroline Boardman

Caroline Boardman Consulting

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