I know, I know: showing your face on social media can be daunting. There is a whole other discussion to be had there about insecurity, standards of beauty, how we feel we “should” look, but let’s save that for another day. The truth of the matter is, being visible will help you to grow your business, so you just gotta do it.

Putting up videos, doing lives, being interviewed on other people’s platforms – these can all feel pretty scary. That is partly because we imagine that it is similar to standing up in front of a conference – speaking on stage to a seated audience all staring up at us. Petrifying if you’re not used to it!

The reality is that if you approach your video content that way, it probably won’t hit the mark in any case. A better way to think about videos and lives is that they are the equivalent of chatting to a group of people in a coffee shop or in your living room. Sure, if you have a large following there is the potential that lots of people will be watching you, but they will each be watching you by themselves. You want to make them feel as though you are chatting just to them, not giving a presentation to the multitude.

When we think of video content that way, we realise that a lot of our anxieties are unnecessary. However you would look to hang out with a group of friends, that is how you need to look to make a video. Full hair and make-up not required, this is not your slot on Oprah. This is you showing up to say “hi, here are my thoughts on…” whatever it is. You are sharing your thoughts, and you hope that some of the people watching will share theirs in the comments. It’s a conversation, just a chat. Something friendly. Perfect lighting also not essential!

I still find going live a little nerve-wracking because if I mess up I can’t re-do it the way I can with a recorded video. But then I remember that “messing up” isn’t messing up at all. So you have to take a moment to formulate your point, or an ambulance wails past in the middle of it, or you trip over a word. That would happen in a normal conversation right? You wouldn’t collapse in shame. You would just carry on or laugh or take a pause. It’s just normal life, you are showing up as a normal person with thoughts to share. That’s all.

Video content on social media is not the equivalent of public speaking day at school. No one is marking you. No one is going to comment on your “performance”. No one is going to applaud you afterwards either! It is just showing up to have your side of a conversation. Do that however is authentic to you. People buy people they can connect with. Get out there and show them who they are buying.

Helen Calvert
Coach and Director of Clear Day
April 2021