You will know by now how passionate I am about the importance of speaking kindly to ourselves. I have discussed this idea before in this blog and on my podcast, and next week I am hosting 7 days of content all about positive self-talk – my Positive Self-Talk Ladder to Confidence.

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So why on earth does it matter how we speak to ourselves anyway? What do I even mean by self-talk – am I advocating chatting away to ourselves throughout the day? Well as someone who does frequently talk to themselves I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing, but no I am not suggesting that we all start giving ourselves loud pep-talks in the middle of Sainsbury. It is more about the thoughts and attitudes that we are feeding to ourselves on a daily basis.

If we are going through our daily lives thinking to ourselves that we are lazy, rubbish, hopeless, annoying, stupid, needy, unimpressive and unattractive, what does that do to our confidence and motivation? Imagine for a moment that you did this to a child. That every day you told a child that they were all of those things… Heart-breaking right? Yet we do it to ourselves all of the time, and then we wonder why we are feeling de-motivated and lacking in confidence.

Feeling confident does not come from learning new skills, losing weight, going to the gym or increasing our income. Feeling confident comes from spending every day of our lives with someone who tells us how great we are, how hard we are trying, how much we deserve all of the good things in life. Who is that person going to be? You. It is going to be you. When we do this for ourselves life becomes so much easier, so much brighter.

It is not easy though, especially if you have been brought up to put yourself down, to not “show off”, to not “put yourself forward”. It can be a real challenge to change that mindset and learn how to be your own best friend. This is why I am going to be walking you through it next week and helping you to climb up into confidence and self-appreciation.

Make sure you join me, starting Monday 21 February!

Helen Calvert
February 2022