You haven’t got the time or inclination to do your own social media content. You don’t want to dance around on reels or open a TikTok account. You find social media hard going and end up posting any old thing at the last minute without a strategy. Yet you know that your ideal clients are there on socials and you’d love to reach them if you could.

Sound familiar? If that is you then we are here to help. Our Social Media Manager Sam MacMahon helps small business owners with their social media – without asking them to do anything outside of their comfort zone.

Sam says “I am very down to earth and pragmatic. I’m not going to tell you you should be going on TikTok seven times a day! I know you are a business owner and you have your actual job to do, so you don’t want to be spending loads of time on social media, especially if you don’t enjoy it! I want to help you make the most of the time you do have and focus on the platforms that can help you and your business.

If that sounds good then there are three ways that Sam can take away your social media headaches:

A Social Media Power Hour – £75

The social media power hour is a one-hour Zoom call with me where we can look at whatever you want to, depending on where you’re having issues. So it can be chatting through what you’re trying to achieve with socials, what platforms might be best for your business, how to connect social media platforms to schedulers, thinking about the customer journey, anything you’d like. I’ll then follow up with an email detailing what we’ve discussed.

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A Social Media Audit – £210

The social media audit starts off with a Zoom call where we chat about your social media platforms, what you’re trying to achieve with your social media content and about your audience. I then take a deep dive into your social media and provide you with a written report, which details where I think you’re doing well and where you can improve (and how).

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Regular Social Media Support – bespoke

With monthly social media support, the packages are bespoke, but they can range from just scheduling your content, to full content creation, both words and images.

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Support without losing control

Having Clear Day support you with your social media does not mean that you will lose control of what is posted, or that your socials will no longer sound like you. The majority of Sam’s clients like to sign off on everything before it is posted, and this can be done on a monthly basis before the posts are scheduled.

You can also provide as much of the wording for your posts as you choose – some of our clients write out their posts, others just give us ideas that we can run with. Sam is known as being skilled at capturing ‘your voice’ and making your posts sound like you. She provides social media support to two business owners in the same industry and a colleague of theirs was recently surprised to learn that a) they don’t write their own content and b) the same person writes the content for them both, as it sounds so different.

Ultimately, how much control you retain over your content is up to you. We will create a package that fits in with what will help you the most.

What people say…

I was doing all my own social media and I loved it: connecting with people, answering any questions that they’ve got, sharing useful information for clients. But I got to the point where I knew I needed some help otherwise I’d have no online presence while I was busy with client work.

I started working with Sam and it was perfect. We’re really similar and she just gets the way that I talk to people on social media. She takes my ideas and turns what I’m saying into really useful content for my audience and schedules it all. She saves me so much time each month and my social media is so much better and more consistent, she’s absolutely fantastic.” Caroline Boardman, Caroline Boardman Consulting

We bring you calm, clarity and confidence so you can focus on making progress with your business.

Your time and headspace are valuable resources. Don’t waste them on tasks that we could be handling for you. Let us take care of the business bits that aren’t bringing you joy.

The Clear Day team
August 2023