Social Media Audit


You’ll start with a Zoom call with Clear Day Social Media Manager Sam MacMahon to talk through your online presence and the challenges you’re facing.

She’ll then focus on your accounts and create a report showing you what you’re doing well and highlighting the areas where you can make the biggest difference. The document will include an outline of your next steps to getting more confident and more visible on social media.

Please note, VAT will be added to the cost of the session.



What is it?

An audit of your social media presence and personalised report of what’s working and where you can get a boost and how.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who’s looking to connect more with their ideal customers online but isn’t sure of the best way forward.

How does it work?

Buy your session today and you’ll get a link to book your Zoom call with Sam. We will go through your social media accounts, your aims for marketing your business and who is your ideal client. Your report will then follow the week after your call.

What people say…

“OMG am I glad I hired Sam MacMahon and the team to sort my social media! Sam made sure to deeply understand the values and products of my business and was able to communicate with my audience in an authentic way. I’ve already started seeing higher numbers of attendees at my events and more engagement across FB and LinkedIn.” Beth Penfold, The Change Coach