The No Bullsh*t Guide To A Happier Life


The ultimate guide to treating yourself with excessive kindness and squeezing every last drop of enjoyment from your business and your life.

From owning your own story and getting visible to productivity, focus and organisation, the chapters of this book take you through my tried and tested ways to get more from life. I talk about the importance of self-worth, upholding your boundaries and your personal and business relationships as well as breaking down the idea of that ever-elusive work-life balance.

Designed for you to pick up and put down according to need, add The No Bullsh*t Guide to a Happier Life to your toolkit to help you manage whatever life and business throw your way. Kindle edition available here.

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More and more of us are experiencing overwhelm and exhaustion from our busy lives. Can you relate?

In this book I share my quick (but not necessarily easy) tips on how to squeeze every last drop of enjoyment from your business and your life.

I am a life coach, parent and owner of the successful business support service Clear Day. My mission is to bring calm and clarity to your life, reducing your overwhelm and helping you to start living the life you want for yourself – without feeling guilty.

Based on my popular podcast series, I give an honest and insightful look at how you can smash through the mindset blocks that are holding you back from living your best life. Kindle edition available here.

What readers say…

“The honest approach to being an unapologetic version of yourself is brilliant.” Linda Owen, LMO Bookkeeping

“Helen’s ‘No Bullshit Guide’ speaks from the heart, providing sage advice and practical tips on life and business, in a wonderfully honest and compassionate way. Helen’s integrity resonates through her writing, prompting the reader to reflect on their own unique journey, with kindness and without comparison, one step at a time. An empowering and thought provoking read that leaves the reader with helpful inroads to relatable ‘mindset blocks’ alongside a feeling of genuine acceptance for wherever you are on your journey right now.” Catherine Gil, Catherine Gil Photography

“As a busy, self-employed mum of young children, I am always exhausted and on the hamster wheel and struggling to come up for air. This has been a really useful book for me. It’s got everything and I just can’t recommend it enough.” Bethany Carter, Lemon Squeezy Marketing

“If you’re anything like me and have previously classed self-help books as bullsh*t themselves then Helen’s book will be perfect for you. Instead of holding up a simple solution that will fix all your problems if only you put it in place every day for the next 3 months, Helen offers tools based on her own lived experience, to be picked up and put down according to your needs on any given day. My favourite of these quick (but not necessarily easy) tips? The notion of showing yourself excessive kindness. It feels so radical but also just sounds wonderful.” Sam Brown, Made Simple by Sam

“I have loved reading Helen’s no nonsense, direct approach to leading a happier life. As a small business owner, I found it jam packed with easily actionable strategies to get you reframing and thinking about not only how to run your business better, but also how to enjoy all aspects of life in general. I particularly love the concept of excessive kindness towards oneself, valuing your own self-worth, not giving up on your dreams and how to float through life rather than treading water as you expend a lot less energy this way! If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or just need a bit of straightforward inspiration to kick start your life and get you swimming with the current rather than against it, then this is the book for you.” Annabel Deans, Be Well With Annabel

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