Welcome to episode 9. We’re back to business this week and I’m asking you a question – What type of boss are you? Many people set out to work for themselves after negative experiences working for a someone who treated them badly. Of course, self-employment brings many freedoms but I’ve seen many people get stuck in a downward spiral of resentment and demotivation because of the way they treat themselves as the boss of their own business. In this episode I share some key questions you should be asking yourself to ensure sustainable and long-term performance.

Main points:

  • I’ll be asking, now you work for yourself, are you your own dream boss – to yourself and your team?
  • How creating an ‘employee handbook’ for yourself is actually a brilliant idea and NOT just an excuse to buy new stationery!
  • Why rewarding yourself and celebrating your wins is SO important.
  • How modelling good self-management before you take on team members will filter into your team when the time is right, with nothing but good results.

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