Welcome to episode 16. Are you one for setting so called ‘life goals’? There’s no right or wrong answer to this as everyone is different, but today I’m talking about how having a plan for something you want to achieve can be good for keeping you focused when life throws up its inevitable twists and turns. The way we approach our goals is something that has always interested me, so in this episode I explore how changing your mindset can bring you deeper satisfaction and get you closer to achieving your life’s dreams – if you have them!

In this episode:

  • How switching your thinking to ask ‘how do I want to feel’ rather than ‘what do I want to do’ can make the biggest difference to getting what you want.
  • How having a specific goal is good for focusing the mind and revealing opportunities that help signpost your way to something you want for yourself.
  • Not having a life goal is also ok. For some it’s about the journey of life and what it brings.

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