Welcome to episode 14. The topic with probably the most bullsh*t surrounding it than any other – this week I’m talking about SEX. It’s such an important part of most people’s lives, it’s a vital component, so why don’t we talk about it more? What’s holding us back? Those who know me know that I have no trouble in talking honestly and openly about sex, so I’m looking forward to exploring this fascinating topic and helping you to get comfortable with communicating your own wants and desires so you can lead the fulfilling sex life you deserve.

In this episode:

  • How opening up to your partner about your fantasies and desires can start a dialog that can lead to a more fulfilling relationship.
  • My discovery of amateur porn – how this community is supporting the portrayal of real people and real sex as a healthy alternative to mainstream media and adult content.
  • Take action – Your sexual satisfaction is an absolute right and also your responsibility, so start making changes to get what it is you need. Top tip – It all starts with communication.

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