When I am asked what kind of coaching I do I say that I am a life coach to small business owners. This definition has come out of the work I have done with my clients so far, but it sometimes causes confusion as to what it is that I actually do. This week I am taking the opportunity to explain.

Most of my clients are women who run their own businesses, so that is where the business owners part comes from. Would I be happy to coach someone who does not run a business? Of course! Female business owners are just my “gang” that’s all, the people I know best, the ones to whom I feel I can offer the most.

Is it not business coaching then? No, it is life coaching instead. I frequently work with clients to start, grow and maintain their businesses, but we also work on other aspects of their life – we look at anything that might be causing them difficulties or holding them back.

The first session is all about setting the goals and looking at the big picture, and it is at this point that we get a feel for on what the coaching relationship is going to focus. Once we have the exciting goals set, we start to work towards them and we manage any challenges that come up along the way. That can be issues of organisation and productivity, procrastination and lack of self belief, confidence and self care, work-life balance, relationships and family pressures and everything in between.

Ultimately it is my job to provide the space, ask the right questions and offer a little guidance to enable you to get to where you want to be. Where you want to be might be a financial goal, a new opportunity, a decision made or a new feeling in your life. What you will always get from me is real talk, compassion, accountability and someone to cheer you on all of the way.

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Helen Calvert
November 2021