Welcome to episode 82. Today we explore the practicalities and realities of outsourcing. From virtual assistants to social media managers, there’s a freelancer for everything these days, but the process of letting part of your business go comes with its own insecurities. In this episode we talk about the first steps needed when considering outsourcing, the importance of trust and the benefits that spring from the extra time you give yourself back. Ready to start getting shit done – with a little help? Let’s dive in!

In this episode:

  • Identifying what to outsource – tips on the most effective and simplest areas of your business to outsource first.
  • Benefits of outsourcing – save time, increase earnings, make time for strategic thinking… the list goes on!
  • Time and trust – the two biggest mindset blocks around outsourcing and how we can overcome them.

Mentioned in this episode:

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Episode on networking: https://www.clear-day.co.uk/podcast/networking-the-no-bullsht-guide-to-networking/

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