Feedback on PA/VA Services

“Mel and the Clear Day team are highly skilled and experienced and were able to disentangle our needs and turbo charge our social media activity very quickly. Would not hesitate to work with them again next time we have a campaign and wish we could work with them more often!”
Jo Phillips, The Prout Bridge Project, Dorset

“Helen has been an incredibly valuable addition to my team.  She is capable, proactive and great at those important jobs that I don’t have the time, knowledge or inclination to do myself.  She is very knowledgeable about areas such as social media and has completely transformed my social media campaigns.  She’s very happy to learn new things to add value to her role and she’s good company in the office. I thoroughly recommend her. “
Jo Burmester,, Cheshire

“Helen has a fantastic ability to see a problem, tackle it step-by-step, and to communicate as she works. She is organised, efficient and kind. What more could I ask for from anyone providing administrative support? Helen very much hit the ground running in our organisation, and her ability to start ‘doing’ small things before getting the full details of the work ahead was particularly supportive as we started our working relationship. Highly recommended!”
Dr S. Bhopal, International Child Health Group

We started using Clear Day earlier this year when the admin was getting on top of me. Helen and Jo have been amazing to work with and have freed up my time to focus on the areas of my business that I most enjoy (not the admin!). Highly recommended.”
Tyler Lappage, Nabarro Poole, Manchester

“It’s been so beneficial working with Mel Page and Clear Day, both on general tasks such as managing email and scheduling meetings but also on priority tasks that can help me grow my business such as closing sales and co-ordinating tenders, and I’d really recommend working with professional VAs if you want to improve your processes and grow.”
Remi Harris, Remi Harris Consulting, London

“I initially began using Clear Day during lockdown to help reorganise my admin systems. They did this with great efficiency and were able to see things with fresh eyes, which was a huge help. They then carried out the task of setting up new systems in a fraction of the time that it would have taken me. I have since begun using them to support the social media and financial aspects of my business. Helen and her team have been fantastic, easy to communicate with, responsive and very efficient. They get things done more quickly and to a higher standard than I could manage myself. This leaves me free to do the bits of my job that I am best at!”
Kelly Barrett, Impact Tuition

“Having Helen and Hayley supporting the ICHG has been wonderful. They are super efficient, good at what they do and most importantly SO kind and patient. A very welcome addition to the ICHG and they are definitely a part of our team now! Highly recommend Clear Day.”
Dr P de Sousa, International Child Health Group

“Too often I feel pulled from pillar to post with all the different aspects of running a small business. Clear day have been brilliant in taking those task away and getting them done quickly and efficiently.
After a quick phone call with Helen in the summer of last year she put Kate on the case for me. Since then Kate has been diligent at completing all the tasks I’ve given to her. She’s adept and adaptable, nothing has been too much or too complicated. This has built trust from me and allowed me to take on more work in the knowledge that I have the back up of Kate and Clear day.
Thanks Kate, and thanks Helen!”
Richard Shears, The Retrofit Hub, Greater Manchester

“Over the last three years my business has grown from ten to 25 employees and the volume of email /post /and other documentation was becoming a barrier to my personal and business efficiency. I decided I needed to get help and Helen came highly recommended from a good friend. Slowly but surely she has reduced my inbox to manageable proportions, reduced my in-tray from four (massive) boxes to a small tray and prevented two or three otherwise inevitable fines for late payment of parking / speeding tickets and not completing my council tax form on time (an annual event for some years now!). Today I find myself working from home on a long term project which might not have been possible without her support. Thank you Helen!”
Andrew Wood, Andrew Wood Photography, Greater Manchester

I’m so grateful to Clear Day! I was looking for a suitable VA as my business expanded and couldn’t have asked for better support. Clear Day are professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, friendly and genuinely care about you and your business. The best part is I’m so much more relaxed and I enjoy my work more, as I don’t need to worry about admin and jobs I don’t have time for! Thank you.
Rachel Jacobson, Energy Healer, Greater Manchester

“Helen and her team have been The Best! I know I can pass on tasks & ‘clear my day’ to focus on counselling & autism coaching clients, get useful advise & answers to logistical issues when they come up. My counselling practice has moved much further faster than I’d have managed solo. Competent, quick, confident and reassuring! Thanks a million.”
Emily Jolliffe, Get Clarity, Let Go, Bath

I am so grateful to Clear Day! I was getting highly stressed with a looming date of a certification physical audit for my small business to become certified organic. I needed to produce a spreadsheet that would show traceability via inventory and outgoings to the customer. I was in a panic as I have never created an Excel worksheet before. Helen came to my rescue, putting me in touch with Melanie. Melanie created an easy to use, functional, and well documented spreadsheet. We had a zoom meeting for better understanding of the spreadsheet which was much needed on my part! Melanie was always on hand to answer any questions and to help further if needed. Melanie completed the spreadsheets for me a week in advance of the time frame given.  I was so impressed, relieved and thankful I found Melanie at Clear Day, I am now certified organic!”
Andrea Parker, Boxed Green, Greater Manchester

“I have benefited greatly from Helen’s business support. Helen has worked on improving social media for my small business, as well as generating a WordPress site. Working with Helen is easy because of her relaxed and professional manner. Often when you’re an all singing all dancing sole trader it becomes very hard to delegate or to identify weak spots in your work. Helen and I were able to collaboratively carve out the support role she would take and timeframes to suit us both. Far more flexible than seeking similar support from a one size fits all organisation. Definitely recommend, everyone should have a virtual assistant!”
Michelle Parkin-Kelly, Beansprout Baby UK, Greater Manchester

“I feel very lucky to have Helen supporting my business. She is good at simplifying big tasks, and helps me organise things, taking the jobs she can do so that I can do the things I’m good at. She is proactive and uses her own initiative but equally follows precise instructions to the letter. I can’t be the easiest of people to work for, I’m so grateful for her patience and gentle motivation.”
Sheryl Wynne, SimplyNatal, South Yorkshire

Feedback on Clear Day Coaching

Having recently completed a 6 x hourly coaching sessions course with Helen, I cannot recommend Clear Day enough. Having run my business for 4 years, I felt that I was at the point of requiring an outsider’s view on how I was working and running the business. Helen helped me to gain so much clarity, not only in my business ‘life’ but also in my personal life too. The financial investment was most definitely worth it and I’m now feeling much more confident and prepared for the year ahead! Thanks so much Helen.”
Bethany Dullea, owner of Aura Music Academy

Helen’s coaching is brilliant! After being on the verge of burnout last year, Helen helped me redefine my business and personal goals, set some boundaries, and put practical actions in place to achieve them. She is an excellent and highly empathic listener – our sessions went far beyond “business stuff” but Helen didn’t bat an eyelid and was unfailingly kind and supportive. Having never had a coach before, I am now a convert. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend 🙂
Kathryn Rodgers, face2faceHR

I’ve just had a Headspace session with Helen and…WOW!!!!
I feel so empowered and I have an action plan to move my business forward, just from one hour!
I’m definitely going to take the next step and invest in her longer term coaching package.
Would definitely recommend Helen if you need clarity, want to release blocks and move forward with an action plan!”
Sam Flynn, Social Media Trainer

“I took up Helen’s recent Headspace coaching offer and am so glad I did! During our one-hour session we covered the challenges I’m facing and options for dealing with these, and I came away with clear, useful action points. She asked me some really insightful questions about my business that have given me real food for thought. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”
Kathryn Rodgers, HR professional

“I have recently had a coaching session with Helen and I honestly can’t recommend her enough. In the space of one hour Helen helped me to regain focus and clarity regarding my business goals and day to day processes. I was made to feel totally at ease throughout and Helen really encouraged me to pursue my goals, but just as importantly to take care of myself in the process and to become both the best boss and employee that I possibly can only business. Thank you Helen”
Amy Newton, Interior Designer

“I never understood how much I needed headspace, until Helen enabled me to have it. Our sessions have had an enormous impact on my confidence levels and, in turn, my approach to work and life. This has resulted in a more professional, effective and ultimately, a happier me.
Having the time and space to think through my approaches to life challenges and complex work problems has cleared my mind of the tangle of worries I had created for myself. Our sessions left my mind free to set clear, manageable goals for myself. Helen’s calm but instinctive ability to ask the right question at the right time, meant I could pin down my challenges and worries, making them possible to overcome.”
Rachel Green, Education Manager

“Having some non-judgemental space where I could say some of the things that were in my head – to test them out almost – was so very helpful. Clear Day coaching helped me to order my thoughts and figure out what exactly I was trying to do. It was great to have someone to trigger reminding myself of what I was actually achieving and what my goals are.”
Clare Watson, IBCLC

“I already work with Helen and highly recommend her for her admin services. So I thought I’d try a coaching session too! After all, I want to be able to recommend all her services! In one hour we covered a lot of ground. We talked about some blocks which I’ve had for a long time. And whilst it will take more than an hour to unravel, the hour was certainly well spent. The time flew by and I left feeling that I had a clear path forward. Helen followed up with an email – which was brilliant. I am now happy to recommend Helen and her team for all the services they offer. Thanks Helen!”
Sarah Steinhofel, Social Media Manager

“I found Helen’s coaching really useful. We often reflected on the things I already knew, which is empowering, and then talked about how to put them into practise for myself. Having a personal cheerleader is really useful for a sole trader. I enjoyed the investment Helen made in my progress, it felt like I really mattered (because I do), and I wasn’t just a job for her.”
Sheryl Wynne, doula and antenatal teacher

Feedback on Social Media Management

“Lisa has worked wonders with my social media, straight away she understood my ideas and the feel I wanted my posts to have. The content Lisa creates is great and I get so many positive comments about my posts. It has also had a massive impact on growing my business over the last few months. Thank you for all your hard work.”
Vicky Murray, VCM Graphic Design, Greater Manchester

“Been using Helen and Jo for a while now and they just seem to get my business, intuitive to my requirements and just make life easier. Would thoroughly recommend Clear Day.”
Wouter de Jager, Maidenhead Planning, Berkshire

“OMG am I glad I hired Helen Calvert, Sam MacMahon and the team to sort my social media! Helen has made sure to deeply understand the values and products of my business, and is able to communicate with my audience in an authentic way. I’ve already started seeing higher numbers of attendees at my events and more engagement across FB and LinkedIn. I highly recommend Clear Day!”
Beth Penfold, The Change Coach

As an accountant, January is always my busiest month. Late last year I decided to ask Clear Day to look after my social media, just for a month so that it was one less thing for me to think about. This was a big decision for me. I love social media and worried that outsourcing would make it all less authentic but I knew I wouldn’t have the time, with the 31st January tax return deadline, to spend time posting relevant information for my audience. So it was going to have to be none at all or outsource it.

I spoke to Helen and she assigned the job to Sam in the Clear Day team. I have been so impressed from start to finish. The Clear Day way is slick and professional. Helen briefed Sam, Sam asked me a few questions, looked at my website, articles and social media pages and just got it. She understand CBC and what we do. Before Christmas, Sam sent me a plan of what she had in mind for the month. I was so pleased! Sam had replicated my friendly and approachable tone perfectly. I’d be surprised if any of my clients or followers even noticed a difference!

Sam and Helen kept in touch throughout the months too if anything didn’t work or needed tweaking. Just a perfect service. Another good thing about outsourcing my social media posting to Clear Day was that I had more time to engage with my audience when they commented. So, it’s back to me doing it all in February but without a doubt I will be using Clear Day to look after my social media again at busy times throughout the year. Thank you Helen and Sam for all of your hard work. I’ve loved working with you!”
Caroline Boardman, Caroline Boardman Consulting, Greater Manchester

“I am so pleased that we took the decision to get Helen’s virtual assistance for MumsAid. She is super efficient, totally delivers and has been such a boon to have alongside our small team. Helen has managed our social media and got our monthly newsletter off the ground. She is knowledgeable, patient and cares about being clear what we want and then delivering it for us.  Can totally recommend!”
Miriam Donaghy, MumsAid, London

“Helen has looked after my Facebook page while I’ve been on holiday. She did exactly what I wanted, and did it quickly and well. She has also updated my website for me – a job I hate. She is friendly, professional, and doesn’t need hand holding. Would absolutely recommend.”
Lucy Ruddle IBCLC, Dorset

“Our organisation, Bump and Beyond Fayre, was in the midst of preparing for our Christmas event with very little time to get the word out. We knew that our Facebook page was getting little time and engagement was low. Despite having plans to share information regularly with our followers, the organiser team had too many other tasks (and families) to think of. I had the idea to use a virtual assistant to run the page for a month and I knew Helen was highly recommended. We sent her all the info and just let Helen run the page. It was such a relief to just let that side of the organising go.”
Linda Brownlie, Bump and Beyond Fayre, Hull