I want to help show women that self-care and self-love can be guilt free. If we become the priority and take care of ourselves, only then are we any good for anyone else.

Today I am having a coffee with Nadia Khan, Life Coach and Mentor, who has kindly agreed to answer my questions about her no BS happier life. Nadia is one of the fantastic speakers who will be joining me on stage in April at Happier Life Live!

Q. How long have you been self-employed, and how do you make the most of the freedom that self-employment brings?

A. I have been self employed for 2 years now, and I love the freedom that it brings. I enjoy being able to work around me and what works for my well-being. I originally become self-employed to work around my kids, however they are both now independent and do not need me as much. Being able to when I want and how much I want has helped me to fit in other activities, take care of my health and have more of a social life.

Q. What are you passionate about – in business and in life?

A. I am passionate about empowering women in personal development, especially Asian Muslim women, for this reason I am culturally and religious appropriate. I want to be able to help women see that life does not have to end once you become a wife and a mother, it is important to love yourself and be yourself. I want to help show women that self-care and self-love can be guilt free. If we become the priority and take care of ourselves, only then are we any good for anyone else.

Q. What brings you joy?

A. My first cup of coffee in the morning really brings me joy, no one else is up it’s just me, my cat and peaceful thinking time. Spending quality time with my kids, as they are getting older it is scheduled quality time. Helping other women see their potential and growth. It is a joy when they look back to first session and see how far they have come and how much they have achieved because they were capable all along, it gives a great feeling to be part of that journey.

Q. How do you nurture yourself when you do something that is outside of your comfort zone?

A. Recently I have been doing much more of this. I actually just have a chat to myself, say what I would say to one of my clients and I give it a go. Once I have done it, I feel damn proud of myself for doing something that makes me uncomfortable, a sense of pride I suppose. I will often treat myself to something to show how proud I am of myself.

Q. How do you show yourself excessive kindness?

A. I rest, do nothing, stay in bed, see no one, stay in my pjs all day, eat what ever I want and just be lazy, best of all I do not feel guilty for doing it. I allow myself to reset when things have been hectic and I just stop being on the go and chill.

Q. What is one thing about being a business owner that you have learned is BS?

A. You are not alone and asking for help is OK! It can become overwhelming so having the right people around to help makes it much more easier and less stressful.

Q. What will be your next adventure?

A. I feel like my adventure is just starting, however my next ventures I would say is getting a website and in the near future to start a podcast.

Q. An important part of owning our own story is being able to state who we are without explanation. Tell us something about yourself / your preferences / your needs without any background or context:

A. My religion means a lot to me and is something that always keeps me grounded. I am a compassionate person who is empathetic. I would say that I am both an extrovert and introvert, depends on mood and people. Love coffee and trying out new coffee places. I need honesty in my life along with respect. I like my space and have boundaries for my well-being, which are important to me. Being independent, having the freedom and choice is important to me.

Q. Who are you looking to work with, and how can people get in touch?

A. I am looking to work with other women including young adults, especially with Asian Muslim women. People can get in touch with me via my email nad1akhan@outlook.com, or via social media on Instagram and LinkedIn.

My thanks to Nadia for allowing me to share her insights! Look out for more interviews with fellow Happier Life Live speakers coming soon.

Helen Calvert
The No Bullsh*t Coach
March 2024