Welcome to episode 24. The success of series one has blown me away and I am delighted to be back for another series of episodes, this time with a difference! In episode 17 I talked about Life’s Toolkit, and so in this series we’ll be taking a deeper-dive into these tools, exploring the benefits of each; how they can contribute to a happier life; how appropriate they are and of course, any bullsh*t elements you might need to navigate!

If you want to learn more about how activities such as laughter yoga, meditation and weight training (to name just a few) can work to reduce our stress levels and contribute to a happier life, tune in! I’ll be trying some of these activities for the first time and reporting back with my findings. Wish me luck!

In this episode:

  • A reminder of the stress cycle process and the different ways those cycles can complete.
  • Why experiencing joy is more important than achieving a certain level of skill or achievement
  • An overview of what’s to come in series 2

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